From 7P-7A, I’m a Labor & Delivery nurse, and from 7A-7P, I dedicate my energy to cultivating new recipes, finding the best local eats, engaging with like-minded individuals on Instagram to redefine health and celebrate authenticity. After losing 40lbs and discovering the world of health, I became passionate about making and eating food that is both good for your body + your soul. Over the past 7 years, my story of weight loss and self-discovery became one that resonated with more than 55,000 people from Singapore to Brazil.

I’ve been overweight and underweight. I’ve struggled with self-love (still do), altered body image, amenorrhea, and disordered eating. You see, I may not share the same religious or political views as you, but I use my social media platform to simply be a friend and share my story, in hopes of helping 1 person realize their true potential in all aspects of his/her life: health, fitness, self-discovery, medicine, culture.

I love working with brands that share this same passion for life - brands that are excited, inclusive, and genuine. If you’re a brand, no matter your size, who wants to work with me in creating authentic content to better the lives of others, fill out this form for my pricing, media kit, and to start a conversation about how we can work together. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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Potential ideas for collaboration include but not are not limited to:

sponsored posts and Instagram stories, organic product placement, blog posts with product review, high quality photography, long-term contractual partnership, giveaways.

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