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Crockpot Thai Chicken Curry

After having tried Trader Joe's curry, I knew I had to make my own. Guys. This was so easy and absolutely delicious! While it was all cookin in the crockpot (I have a small one), I was doing some clinical paperwork and other assignments. The secret ingredient in this dish is butternut squash! Rich in fiber, vitamin C and carotenoids, butternut squash guards your body against heart disease and strengthens your immune system to fight the flu this season.

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Easy Egg Muffins

I mean, aside from my obvious love for breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day. With a proper breakfast full of nutrients, you get a proper start to the day, even if you're in a rush or you're running late! This one's an oldie but a goodie - I always come back to this recipe when I'm in need of a quick breakfast on-the-go. The best part? There's a myriad of combinations so you'll never get sick of these.

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My Kinda KFC: Korean Fried Chicken

Today, I tried my hand at Korean Fried Chicken since we have about 8 million pounds of chicken breast in the freezer. That's what we get for living 5 minutes from a Costco. I actually had no expectations from this experiment, except that I wanted it to get me back in the mood to creating more recipes for you guys. But I impressed myself! This is a super easy recipe that you can easily follow at home. The only thing that you may not have is the Korean Chili Paste, or gochujang, which you can find at any Korean or Asian market near you.

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