How Caleb "Proposed" to His Groomsmen


We had so much fun making these with Caleb's mom and sister! Even though I'm pretty jealous they turned out better than my bridesmaids proposals (lol). Guys usually don't care about this stuff, but I thought it would be so cute to send these little proposals to each of Caleb's friends. I mean, you only get married once right!? I know I had trouble thinking of ideas for Caleb's groomsmen/best man proposals, so I hope this post helps you help your fiancé get some ideas on asking his best buddies to join him on the big day.

First off, I put together 2 word documents: the wedding info page, and a page listing each guy and his role. This isn't really necessary and I've seen plenty of "groomsmen proposals" that just ask the big question, "Will you be my groomsman?" But this way, each guy has a basic idea on what they need to wear, where/when the wedding is, what is expected of him, and who else is gonna be there.

There are 2 ways to print into little pages like this:

1. You can make each page on a full size word doc and then save each as a PDF. Then, you can screenshot/capture the pdf and place 6 of them on a word doc, to get 6 little pages. 

2. You can copy and paste the information into 6 full pages on a Word doc. Then, click Print, and change the layout settings to print 6 pages in 1.

We found these little wooden boxes, each at $2.99 a piece at Hobby Lobby, and stained it with a wood stain. We also found the grey crinkle paper at Hobby Lobby. 

The hardest part was using the Cricut, though it made all the difference! If you're curious about what a Cricut is or how to use it, you can google/Youtube it, but basically Caleb's mom helped us print these transferable stickers to place on the inside of each box. However, it would be equally as cute if you just printed a word doc saying the same thing, or handwrite it in sharpie. After we stickered the vinyl onto the box, we had to cover it with polyacrylic because the adhesive had worn off due to the wet wood stain.


Then, Caleb picked out a travel sized bottle of each guy's favorite liquor, ranging from moonshine to Grey Goose (bougie) and a cigar for the big day. He thought it would be cute if we rolled up each piece of paper and wrap it in twine. Kudos to him for that because holy adorable. 


Caleb asked his brother, Adam, to be his best man and it was the cutest thing. I can't wait to see where they go for their bachelor party. Or do I not wanna know? Yikes.


Gift ideas for the guys who don't drink or underage: cool socks (Urban Outfitters always has fun ones!), a tie or bowtie, toiletry bag, customized coozie, watch, or tie clip

I know that post was short and sweet, but I hope y'all are enjoying these bits and pieces I'm sharing on wedding planning! It's so much fun and I think Caleb secretly loves it too hehe. If you have any further questions, ask them in the comments below!