How I "Proposed" to My Bridesmaids

When we got back from Boston, I started brainstorming on how I'd "propose" to my girlfriends to stand by my side on the big day! I already knew who I'd want to be by my side, so I scrolled Pinterest and did my best to DIY a cute bridesmaid proposal. 

After Caleb left for his drive back home, my mom and I ran to Hobby Lobby to find cheap boxes and found these brown $4.99 boxes for 50% off! They always have something on sale so I knew I had to find most of my stuff here. Unfortunately, they were out of the only color of crinkle paper I wanted - white. But a Dollar Tree was right across the road and had all the white crinkle paper I could ever hope for, for $1 per bag. 


The first thing I did was make these cards on Microsoft Word. On Word, I made 4 pages with the following titles: My Ladies, Our Day, Your Role, and Your Attire. Then, before you print, you change the Layout settings to 4 pages per printed page, so that you get these cute little pages! I used some cream colored cardstock I had and they turned out so well, if I do say so myself. 

Your Attire

I found the bridesmaids dresses before I was even engaged on Lulu's and they have such great colors! I just added some general tips and guidelines for what to wear, such as shoes, and jewelry, and asked each friend to let me know if they wanted me to find a makeup artist for them because I think I'm going to do my own makeup and wouldn't get one for myself. 

Your Role

For each of my bridesmaids, I asked that they stand by me when I say "I do" to the man of my dreams! I had fun customizing these and adding things like, "Hold my dress while I pee," and "Listen to me talk about all things wedding related." The only different one was for my maid of honor, Sora, who will plan my bachelorette party and bridal shower. 

Our Day

Here, I added details about our venue (yes, we have one already!), our date (Next March), and where we would get ready. I included our color scheme, and a tentative schedule for the day before and of the wedding. This was where I included our awesome wedding hashtag, #GameofJones and made up some other ones like #TheWeddingisComing and #HouseJones. Can you tell we like Game of Thrones?

My Ladies

I added a short bio of what each friend means to me so that my bridesmaids would know who each other was because they don't all know each other! My maid of honor is my best friend from middle school who now lives in LA, and my bridesmaids are my old roomie, my first friend from Furman and me in white girl form, my closest girlfriends from college, and Caleb's older sister! 

I also included a small printout of our "inspiration board," which is basically my favorite pictures from my Pinterest wedding boards that represent what I want our wedding to look like! 


Inside, I added a ring pops, a small candle, a bath bomb, and a nail polish for the big day. They loved it!!! 

I didn't make a special "Will you be my bridesmaid?" card, but I simply wrote on the inside of the top of the box! So easy! I tried to meet up with as many of them as I could and ask in person, but I couldn't find time to drive to South Carolina to ask Hope at Furman (sorry boo!) or catch a flight to LA to ask Sora, so I sent them their boxes via snail mail.


I can already tell that I'm gonna be doing a lot of DIY stuff for the wedding, but hey - I'm not complaining because we're college students and we don't have $10,000 to blow on 1 day. And my future sister in law, my future mother in law, and my own mom are so artistic and love crafts. 

I'm so excited to take engagement photos, too! But first... 2 exams, 2 interviews, a paper, a presentation, and peds clinical... Let's hope I don't look too much like a zombie. 

Did you do a lot of DIY for your special day? Send me pictures! 

And do you want me to keep sharing engagement/wedding stuff? Let me know!