Nurse Clara x Enso Rings


Today, I’m beyond excited to share with you a partnership of my dreams! You guys know that as a cervix-checking, leg holding, contraction monitoring, IV starting, pitocin pushing, baby swaddling Labor & Delivery nurse, I love my Enso Rings, and so does Caleb, as a Mechanical Engineer who is constantly using his hands to machine parts and design antennas. So naturally, it’s been such a treat working with them to create this line for all of my fellow medical professionals!

As much as I love my gemstone studded ring, and Caleb his platinum band, we wanted rings to wear when we are lifting weights, delivering babies, and machining parts. It was important to us that our alternative rings didn’t compromise aesthetics for its comfort, and that’s why we are both obsessed with our silicone rings from Enso!

We wear our silicone rings when we are working out, lifting weighs and using our bodyweight.

We wear our silicone rings when we work, because we don’t need anything getting in our way.

Hell, we wear our silicone rings because they’re just so dang comfortable.

The Nurse Clara inspired Medical Professionals collection consists of 4 rings total: 2 rings for women and 2 rings for men. Because we can’t forget our murses!

Stackable Rings

I love the stackables because they are so fun to mix and match with! Not only are there so many color options, you can also choose between the braided rings, slanted, treaded, hammered, studded and more! This gives us so much freedom and fun to explore different combinations and show off our personalities while in uniform.

The Rose Gold Halo Ring

This one is a personal favorite of mine, because it is so minimal yet stunning, and I love how delicate it is, though it is super strong. I also love that it matches my Apple watch perfectly, and is a nice feminine touch without being too gaudy.


The Bevel Ring


The beveled, polished edges of the Bevel ring gives it that classic sophisticated look of a metal ring, but with the comfort and flexibility of a silicone ring. You can’t help but look twice because the soft material with the edges makes it look so real. It is the perfect size so that it doesn’t get in the way.

The Black Pearl Ring in Classic

For those who want an extra oomph, the Classic Elements ring in Black Pearl is perfect. Infused with real pearl, it has a slight glimmer that is sure to catch your eye. Because of the slight sheen, you can’t even tell that it is a silicone ring.


For rings that stay on for 12 hours and don’t rip off with your gloves, I highly recommend Enso Rings! Let’s be honest, I would wear my engagement ring 24/7 if I could, but that’s not always realistic- especially working in healthcare. I mean, think about all the bacteria and bodily fluids we can get in between the crevices of the stones!

Another reason I love and support Enso Rings as a brand, is that they commit themselves to giving back to the global community through Rings for a Reason. A portion of proceeds from every ring goes to organizations throughout the world to fight against hunger and disease. How amazing is that?

Enso encourages me to continue to be a #ForceforGood both in my everyday life and also in my community and in the workplace as a registered nurse.

Shop the collection now and remember to use code CLARA for 20% off!