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Ok wow, I just made myself super sad because there’s officially no more #GameofThrones but it’s okay, because WINTER IS COMING aka HOLIDAYS! So today, I’m sharing my holiday gift picks inspired by my own Christmas list because let’s be real, we’re all materialistic in our own ways. I know, I know, it’s still way early for holiday talk, I mean, we haven’t even had Halloween yet! But fear not: if you guys like these posts, I can do more, kinda like my old Currently Crushing blogposts.

1. Hoka One Sneakers

I’ve been recommended Hokas from my coworkers time and time again when I complain about how hard my Danskos can be on my feet. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done me well for the past 2 years because they’re so supportive and durable,but they’re looking a wee bit pitiful now and mama needs an upgrade. I’m not even joking when I say that every shift I see someone wearing Hokas and when I ask how they like them, they sing their praises. But there are so many - Clifon, Bondi, Gaviota, which ones do I choose!? If you have a pair of Hokas and are obsessed, comment down below which ones you have, how they run size-wise and if you’d buy them again if you had the chance! Also, OV makes their signature ones and the pink ones may be calling my name.. But I just know I’ll be spraying them with all sorts of repellant spray so I don’t get blood/amniotic fluid on them.

2. Outdoor Voices RecTrek Pants

These pants.. I think I’d probably wear 24/7. I mean, can you imagine a more comfy yet functional pair of bottoms? I could see myself wearing these to lounge around in, to go to work, to grocery shop, to go on hikes and walks, the list never ends. I need them in all colors. And not to mention, everything OV makes is just perfect.

3. Figs Ovary-Chiever Compression Socks

Need I say more? Figs makes some of the compression socks I’ve ever worn. And I’ve tried a lot. They’re thin but supportive and breathable and cute!

4. Gorjana Layering Necklaces

Ok, these necklaces are gorgeous and layering is all the rage these days! I love an excuse to wear all the jewels I own and it’s amazing how Gorjana’s necklaces are all so stunning. I mean, the Capri layering set and the Dog Tag are so cute and seem like such staple pieces that go with everything! My favorite are probably the Dog Tag and this Compass Coin necklace.

5. A Next Level Backpack

Whenever I share my Lululemon City Adventurer backpack with you guys on IG stories, yall go crazy. Rightfully so, because I sing its praises. Again, rightfully so. This backpack is everything! I love it so much and I’m so grateful Caleb got it for me on my birthday because I don’t think I could spend that kinda money on a backpack. If you feel the same way, here are some dupes by JoyLab and Figs for half the price!

6. Hair Scrunchies

I got these back in July and I’m obsessed with them! I like wearing them when I need to put my hair up real quick without worrying about a crease, and they’re just really cute. The ribbon part actually comes off if you just want the scrunchie look, and for 6 scrunchies at just $9, you really can’t beat it.

7. Acrylic Wall Calendar

I recently purchased this and put it up on our home office and I. Am. Obsessed. You guys know I love staying organized and having a calendar with all my work days, upcoming due dates for brand deals, upcoming projects, special occasions, reminders, etc really keeps me focused and honestly, sane. I absolutely love this calendar by Magnolia, and it was pretty simple to install. You just need a drill! I got the size Large just because it’s the only thing that’ll be going on one of our office walls, but the size Small looks perfect, too, especially if you’re a student!

8. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

We aren’t all blessed with a green thumb, but we all love the aesthetic of a healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree! I love my faux that stays healthy and perfect all of the time (muahahha) because I don’t have to risk killing it! I got this exact one last year because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to keep one alive in our rental that had 0 natural lighting, and it’s such an amazing price for what you get. Warning: You do need to get a real pot though, because it comes in the most hilarious “starter” pot!

Hope you guys liked this post and be sure to comment below if you want to read more of these!