Never Run Out with TIAA

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Never Run Out with TIAA

Planning for the future can be scary, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t need to be. I know lots of you can relate when I say that my family never talked about money - all I knew was that we never really had enough + we were always worrying about it. And it may feel and seem impossible to even know what to do to have a retirement plan or to save money, especially when none of this is taught in school or in your homes growing up, but I’m here to tell you that there are so many resources out there if you look. I know what you’re thinking. “Retirement!? I can barely get by paying rent and also affording groceries and makeup - how am I supposed to save for something so far away?” But the key is to stop putting it off, because the sooner you put into action to start saving bit by bit, the less daunting it becomes. 

When Caleb and I made the commitment to each other to get married, we decided that combining our finances into 1 bank account would be most logical for us. That first decision was scary and daunting - sharing your finances with another person is a huge step. And it’s not something that casually happens in every relationship. It was a conversation that we never needed to have before. But this was just the beginning. There were so many other things we needed to talk and think about: how much would we contribute to our 401k and 403b and Roth IRA? How much should we spend per month via credit card? How much should we realistically be saving for retirement? What are annuities? And why did we never learn any of this in school?

I really never thought about retirement until I started my career as a nurse. I never really thought that it would happen for me, because it’s just something that my parents and I never talked about. As self-employed immigrants who have struggled to make their ends meet, they don’t have a retirement in sight. And I know so many of you can relate. It’s difficult to plan for a future when you aren’t having these conversations with the people who essentially planned your future for you. 

But I feel so privileged to say that I have the ability to take charge of my future and my retirement, with TIAA and by being proactive. Running out of things, like milk or makeup can be annoying, but running out of money is something I hope none of us have to deal with. TIAA offers plans that include products that can provide guaranteed monthly income for life. With these guaranteed productsTIAA, you can feel financially confident in knowing that your income will never run out! To find out if you are eligible and learn more, visit If eligible, you can use the Personal Pension Calculator to estimate your monthly lifetime income.It’s all about starting now, because the longer you save, the more guaranteed lifetime income you’ll have in retirement.

So don’t wait - let’s be proactive and learn more about products that can provide guaranteed monthly income for retirement. Check out TIAA to find out how we can be smart about retirement so we #neverrunout.

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