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How to Practice Self-Care as a Nurse with Free Printable Checklist!

Are you struggling with separating work and home? Are you feeling burnt-out or like burnout is right around the corner? When was the last time you practiced self-care after spending 40+ hours a week caring for someone else? Unfortunately, we nurses kinda suck at taking care of ourselves. Keep reading to learn how to practice self-care as a nurse and download your FREE printable self-care checklist!

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Q&A | Nursing

What made you pursue nursing? How do you deal with work related anxiety? How did you decide your specialty? recently asked you guys to send me some questions you’ve been wanting me to answer, and you guys sure delivered! I split up the questions into 2 blog posts: one for nursing and one for lifestyle. Keep reading to read my answers to 10 questions you guys asked about Nursing!

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